I’m in the process of organizing things to write another book.  As I’m sifting through the many, many pages of short notes, paragraphs, and full pages of experiences, I keep coming upon two words “trust yourself”. 

I shared this with a dear friend of mine asking him, “isn’t this weird?”  His reply:  “No, I can see you saying that to yourself as you’re testing the unknown waters of writing a book”.  He’s absolutely right, I’ll be saying it a lot.

If it wasn’t for my first book, I wouldn’t be seeing a possibility of writing another.  If it wasn’t for what I went through and survived, what I overcame and what I didn’t, this chance wouldn’t have arrived.  This possibility would not exist.

But what I do know, is I have a chance to trust that what I need to move forward will show up.  I will test the unknown waters and they will certainly test me.

I know that this possibility can lead to risk; it’s taking a chance that what I do is going to lead me to success.  It could also lead to things not working out as planned.  But that’s okay.  It just means that more possibility lies ahead for other approaches, ideas, connections, and choices.  And more trust.

As I’m reading through all the pages I have, I’m revisiting sadness, anger, confusion, and fear.  But I’m also seeing accomplishment, joy, understanding, peace, love, optimism, and a whole lot to be grateful for.  Each and every word are my passage to discovering my possibility, my chance to write another book. 

I will not be locked behind a door of the past.  I will keep it open for future success.  Possibility and the future shake hands all the time.  The future sees us before we allow ourselves to see it.

I believe that from every single thing I have been through, seen, tried, succeeded at, and the things I failed at, became a possibility to make whatever it is I want, come true.

I just need to trust myself.

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