A friend of mine once told me, “Where you are now is in service of bigger things”. That short, yet powerful statement, passed to me seeds of insight that helped me grow a beautiful garden of strength I had no idea I had.

There came many weeds trying to take away my strength. I’d pull some, then others appeared. Weeds of all kinds; tall, short, prickly, some making believe they were flowers. Some gave me a horrible rash.

But in the corner, blooms appeared where the weeds began to disappear. The ones I pulled out, the ones I had to grow away from.

Each time I share my story with someone who’s in the place of in-between, their time before and their place now, my hope is their strength will grow. Each time I share my garden, and as others share theirs with me, my strength grows.

My garden has been planted by me, I am designing it myself, any way I want to. With each step forward a daisy appears, then a lily, then lavender, then roses, then a rainbow of colors. The colors of joy, hope, inspiration, and motivation. And that amazing strength.

The words come to me somehow, I don’t know from where, but they’re here, and sometimes they are so strong I feel them churn passion to share my story, the hope, the joy, and the service. The need to share them with you.

So, here I am. Right where I am supposed to be, with you, together in all our glory.

Let’s grow our gardens, just as we need them to be, just as we want them to be. Let’s plant a rainbow of color and of strength.

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