When I was first introduced to disability, I said goodbye to my former self.  I said goodbye to the me that was healthy, happy, and in the groove with life.  It all disappeared, it died.  It was gone forever, and I could only think, was goodbye. 

An all-encompassing shroud of darkness was placed over my groove.  I couldn’t find it anymore.  I could only say goodbye to it, that I’ll never feel it again.

Little did I know, I should say thanks.  I should say thanks for all the experiences, the fun, the knowledge I gained.  I should say thanks for each and every thing my life graciously gave to me.  I should say thanks for the bounty my life shared with me.  From my first appearance on this earth to the day before I was introduced to disability, I should say thanks.

Why?  Because all that I experienced prior has fueled my strength to join together the place I fell in to, and everything I was introduced to.  They both had to say hello to each other.

I always thank them for sharing their amazing experiences with me.  I learned a lot from my experiences.  They reached out to me, and I give thanks to be able to incorporate all of them into my new life.  I’m totally in love with my past experiences, my joyous life, and my groove.

 My friend, Constance and I shared a conversation where goodbye came up.  Our thoughts joined together that saying goodbye to someone means you may not see that person again.  That they’ll disappear around the corner off to a place you can’t join them.

But, when saying see you later, take care, drive safe, and be well, this gives meaning to an anticipation of seeing the person again and to say thank you for being a part of my life.  Just like when I thought I lost everything, thankfully they were with me all the while.  They still are. 

See you all later, drive safe, take care, and be well.

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