I remember when I could ride a bike.  Up and down hills, “look Mom, no hands”, and knowing that when the streetlights came on, it was time to go home for supper.

I remember hiking through woods on a path of my own making, jumping over moss laden tree trunks that were resting on the ground. 

I remember leaping off a pier into a lake of cold water. 

I remember the best job I ever had.

I remember doing all my favorite and not so favorite things.

I remember it all, reminders of what used to be. 

Am I sad I can’t do some things anymore?  Well, of course I am.  But, I experiment with different tactics to see if I can.  If they don’t work, no worries, I have the memories like that of a photograph, they will always be there. 

It’s okay to go backwards, just remember to come back with all you’ve learned and apply it to where you are now.  They will strengthen your future, even if you think your future looks shitty.  But it’s only shitty if you let it be.

The thing about reminders is they’re here to share the good things you’ve experienced.  It’s easy to go down the “I’ll never get to do that again” roadblock.  But, hey, how great it is to have had the opportunity to experience them all. 

All of it you can transfer to “I can do it”.

And, create new reminders.

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  1. Lauri Stamps says:

    This was just a reminder and I loved it thinking about the things I used to do as a little girl that made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cheryl Schiltz says:

      Thank you, Lauri, I so much appreciate your support 🙂

  2. Juan Eugenio Ramirez says:

    Great motivational work Miss Cheryl. Love your writings.


    1. Cheryl Schiltz says:

      Thank you, Juan. I appreciate your support.

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