How did I find my way to the place I am now?  Where did I start when I didn’t know where I was?  Where did I begin when had I lost any semblance of who I was?

I had so much to learn.  I had to become a captain of a vessel in a sea of uncertainty.  I was in uncharted waters without a map, and I couldn’t draw one because I didn’t know where I was.  My pen made only a dot on paper.  The dot being an island where I was stranded alone in fear.

Do I make it up?  Draw a line and see if it gets me anywhere?  Would it get me over the next crashing wave?  After all I was without knowledge on how to navigate a vessel other than the one I’ve sailed since my arrival on this earth.

I was terrified of what was on the other side of the waves.  How many would my vessel have to crash into?  All while getting nowhere.

I had an old map, crinkled and torn, I used it a million times.  But all I had was left behind.

Wait, behind.  Didn’t I draw that map?  I charted my way through everything up to this very moment, didn’t I?  Didn’t I choose my course then?

That’s it!  My new map started where the old one stopped!  I could only start from there, from what I had, every single experience, memory, and vision.  Every accumulated piece of knowledge, all my strengths.  Even my failures.  I could use all of this to charter my vessel!  Nothing from my old map changed.  Nothing left me.  Nothing.  Each piece that made me whole, who I am today, is my pen.  Who I am is my compass. 

I laid out my paper, and I drew that first line.  The crashing waves calmed, and I began to chart my course, I rescued myself from that island of fear.  My vessel began to lead me along a journey both beautiful and challenging.  One I continue to sail to this day. 

Drawing my map, one line after another, I’m guiding myself through some pretty amazing experiences.  Wanna come along?

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