When I first learned what happened to me, I had no idea how difficult it would be to fight the unknown.  Things I took for granted became major obstacles standing fearlessly in my way.  Each attempt I made to move them became a battleground of loss, anger, and complete despair.  I had no idea how to even begin to heal the wounds from the battle I was in.   

Never had I wept a river of tears with such force that the life spring of my heart ran dry.  I was drowning when I realized, I had to hang on to my life jacket.  I had to fight with all my being.  No matter what’s happened, no matter what I went through, I will never loose myself.

I heard my inner voice rejoice and lift me beyond the pain into a light of acceptance, purpose, and truth.  I was temporarily overloaded by the pain of change, which in the long run made me a stronger woman.  It gifted me the confidence I needed to grow with changes I now look at as adventures.

Each day I add things I see and experience to a special treasure box within my heart.  Simple things like the stars in a child’s eyes, a dance of joy when I share a special moment of anticipation.  The touch of a hand soft upon mine.  The view of a beautiful tree standing on the horizon of endless possibility.  I continue to fill it with the treasure of an abundance of gratitude.

If you are going through a rough time, I know fighting is hard, it wears you down to the point of wanting to give up.  But don’t give up.  You got thisYou really do.  There’s a treasure box waiting for you to add your special moments with all the amazing things you will discover.

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    1. Cheryl Schiltz says:

      Thank you, Rosemary. You have been my inspiration since we first met all those years ago!

  1. You are truly Talented, Inspirational and Motivating. Thanks for your wonderful posts!

    1. Cheryl Schiltz says:

      Thank you, Patrick. Happy you are enjoying my blogs!

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