I’m usually the first to say that optimism surpasses everything. It makes it easy to look beyond what’s troubling me, I’m the proverbial glass half full. I found myself reflecting on this, about what I’ve learned, and what I have come to value and treasure.

I say, be grateful for what surrounds you.  Be grateful for the joys of living within such beauty, for the sounds of nature, the touch of the sun, the whisper of the breeze as it dances around you.  Take time to be in this place.  Do this often. 

Be humble of your gifts.  Share them with grace, watch people’s eyes beam in delight while offering them.

Tell your friends how much you care about them, that you love them, and how much they enrich your life.  Do this often.

Greet strangers with a smile and a hello.  Reach out to those living invisible, let them know you see them. 

Honor your memories of those who have passed, who touched you in ways only your heart can describe.  Reach for them when you need them, your memories will comfort you.

Keep your family dear to you, nurture them with love and support.  Call them, spend time together, laugh together, enjoy each other.  Do this often.

Tell your spouse or significant other you love them every day, do something you know will make them laugh. 

Guide your children with an understanding of who they are.  Encourage them to investigate, explore, and experience what brings them happiness and joy.  Help them understand the value of failure.  Provide them the gift to always be themselves just as they are.

For yourself, love yourself.  Listen to your heart and open the door it’s knocking on.  If it means giving up what you think is right for you, face the fear of taking that first step through that door of opportunity.  Be true to yourself, fulfill the dreams you had as a child, do the things that make time disappear.

For the world, give yourself freely through kindness, compassion, understanding, love, and peace.

For right now, be grateful.

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  1. So lovely, Cheryl. Every night before we went to bed, Don and I said “I love you.” I still do, knowing he is there, in the mist of everything. Love you and your posts!

    1. Cheryl Schiltz says:

      Thank you, Rosemary. How beautiful you continue “I love you” with Don, that truly warms my heart. Love you too my dear friend.

  2. Cheryl Mahaffay says:

    Your words warm me, Cheryl, because I know they’re coming from your depth.. your photographs and your Facebook posts are so genuine and I feel good when I see you laughing and enjoying your friends. Rosemary, we can never express to much love, can we! I talk to Lester every day and my granddaughters and daughters call and text and even write letters so often on.
    My Covid test just came back positive last night, Cheryl and I’ve been awake quite some time this early morning. I have been re-reading some of your blogs and I think it’s wonderful that you’re going to write another book. You are an amazing person . Your optimism and face has been a big help to me that’s my central pain syndrome. And now I am going to see if I can sleep some more. I will admit that I am fearful of Covid Rosemary knows💕
    Cheryl Mahaffay

    1. Cheryl Schiltz says:

      Thank you for your wonderful words and support, Cheryl. It means a lot to me 🙂

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