It really sucked when I was introduced to disability.  I mean there I was, once able to, then not able to.  What was I supposed to do with that?

The last thing on my mind was healing, I was consumed with what happened.  It exploded literally everything about me.  It took over and I couldn’t find anything I would ever do again. 

I spent a lot of time working on getting myself back to the way I was, the way I wanted to be.  I can’t really explain how difficult that was, but it was like climbing a mountain without a summit.  It seemed that every time I took a step I fell backwards and tumbled down to where I started.  I had to start over, and over, and yes, over again.

I was so consumed by the many changes in my life that I couldn’t pay attention that anything good could happen.  I tried so hard to climb that mountain, but the tumbles kept happening, and beating me up.

What I didn’t see were the many milestones I had reached, that I was getting closer.  They were small but because I took on the climb, I somehow found the courage to keep going.  Each step led to another, and my destination became closer.  I found myself higher up the mountain and didn’t look back.   I made it to the top.  I did it –

A little at a time. 

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