Silencing the Noise of Disability

A Journey of Transformation

looking forward

Welcome to a better place, a bright refuge of hope, laughter, and resilience.

About the book

#1 Amazon Best Seller

We all look for stories of hope, of resilience, of how to just keep going when the world seems out of control.

Cheryl Schiltz teaches us to always look forward, into the silence.

I spent years swallowed by noise – noise that froze my recovery. All I heard in my head was how my introduction to disability sent me to a life missing a direction. Then I discovered every single moment, experience, and accomplishment I had in my life remained within me. Never did that change or go away. How exciting it was to have them as my guide to an exciting future, of my own making.

Here my hope for you is to find your guide and build your future as you wish it to be.

The path of exploration leads to endless possibilities.

Let’s travel together, to move beyond the noise of what’s wrong, and step forward into a place where things are very much beautifully right.

Let’s get started, shall we?